HB Pets Instructions

Use the instructions included on the design CD to embroider a face on your fabric and complete the head and paws.  Stuff a very small amount of fiberfill in the ears.  Follow the dotted lines shown on the printed pattern faces to machine sew some details on the ears.  Stuff the head and paws about 2/3 full.
Do not overstuff.
Pin paws onto head front at neck edge, matching raw edges.  Stitch them together.  Set aside.

Page 1 of the printed instructions tells you to cut two 15” square pieces of fabric.  For my samples, I used one square of flat Minkee fabric and one square of bumpy Minkee fabric.  Select one of the squares (I used the bumpy.) and mark 7” down from one corner.  Mark it again 7” across from the same corner.

Using a ruler, lay it across the two marks and rotary cut the triangle away.  This fabric will not be used again.
Do not cut the corner from the second square.

Using excess fabric, lay the paper Template A on the fold and cut long side and one short side.
Since I used the bumpy Minkee fabric for the square in the previous step, I chose the same fabric for this triangle.

With right sides together, lay the long side of the new triangle on the cut edge of the first square.  It will be longer than the cut edge since there is an extended seam allowance.
Mark the center of the edges and measure 1.25” on each side to leave a center opening of 2.5”.
Using a walking foot, stitch a 1.0” seam on both sides.
This opening is for the head and paws.
While it is not necessary, you can trim the corners of the triangle at the seam allowance.
You have completed the blankie front.

Place head and paws into opening on blankie front with head facing toward triangle and back of the head laying against the larger portion of the blanket.  Pin.
Sew triangle seam closed.  You might find it easier to use a regular sewing foot since the seam is very thick.

Complete the blanket following the printed instructions on page 2 of the printed pattern.

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