Finger Puppets

Animal Finger Puppets - In-the-Hoop Project
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Frog Finger Puppet
2.16” x 2.14”

Bunny Finger Puppet
2.21” x 2.36”

Butterfly Finger Puppet
2.21” x 2.61”

Koala Finger Puppet
2.34” x 2.31”

Kitty Finger Puppet
1.78” x 2.59”

Puppy Finger Puppet
2.0” x 2.43”

Sample Design
Chick Finger Puppet
2.57” x 1.90”




Finger puppet designs come with instructions to use two layers of felt.
Hoop one.  Stitch the basic design.  Then float a second layer of felt under the hoop to complete the design.

Look for more finger puppets with Noah’s Ark.

Price: $15

Designs digitized using Pantograms Pro-Line digitizing software.
Originals converted from dst to home embroidery formats with Smart Sizer Gold or Buzz Tools.
The embroidery files you receive may not reflect the colors as shown on this web page.
Please refer to the color list provided with your purchase for design color suggestions.

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