Coasters In-the-Hoop

These photos were provided by Trudi Koch using the Bunco Coasters designs.

Step #1:
Select a hoop that allows for room to trim excess fabric while the project is still hooped.
Hoop Vilene, H2Gone or similar product that will wash away when the project is finished.
Cut a piece of Eazy Felt or regular felt larger than the project.  For coasters, it should be approximately 4.5” square.
Add a similar size piece of fabric on top of the felt.
Stitch color #1 to secure the felt and fabric to the stabilizer.

Step #2:
Stitch the design in the center of the project.

Step #3:
When the center design is completed, “float” a piece of Eazy Felt (stiffer than regular felt) under the hoop.
The felt should be cut larger than the exposed fabric so you can be sure it is caught within the next stitching line.
Option:  To guarantee furniture protection, add a piece of silver ironing board fabric under the Eazy Felt and slide both under the hoop. The silver side should be down.

Step #4:
Stitch the next color. This stitching secures the felt under the hoop and provides extra absorption for moisture from glasses or cups.
Remove the hoop from the machine.  Leave the project in the hoop.
Using appliqué scissors or small sharp scissors, trim the felt and fabric close to the stitching on top.
Turn the hoop over and trim again close to the stitching.

Step #5:
Return the hoop to your machine.
Continue stitching the last color. This color adds a dense satin stitch around the coaster.  It should cover the fabric raw edges and stitching on both sides.

Step #6:
Remove the project from the hoop.
Trim around the coaster leaving a small amount of water soluble stabilizer.
Wet a clean washcloth with warm to hot water.
Rub the washcloth on the edges of the coaster until the visible stabilizer is gone.

Step #7:



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