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Welcome to Aunty M Designs--your source for quality embroidery designs.  Embellishments for home embroidery projects, designs for grandmothers, moms, and teachers, redwork and appliqué are all available here.  Look for design categories or single embroidery files.  Sample embroidery designs are found on most design set pages and also on the Sample Designs pages.

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Embroidery Digitizing
Technology allows you to convert artwork to embroidery files and add lettering to existing designs using software for your home computer.  Save designs in a variety of  formats, combine files, edit embroidery designs, and create new designs from scanned art using Embroidery Magic 2 or Fancyworks Studio.

 Lesson DVDs are now available for learning more
about how to use Embroidery Magic 2 and FWS.
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Happy Wheels
Designs & Quilt Pattern

Hankie Blankie Quilt
Pattern instructions
and design CD
for baby quilt

#3 in a series of
Fun Pouches for
doorknob hangers
and kids’ necklaces


Hunt for these sample designs!  Look for these photos on other pages at this site to download each design.

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